120-day Supplemental Nutrition Program launched in Pastolan Village

Twenty undernourished children from the Aeta Ambala were enrolled in PMFTC’s 120-day Supplemental Nutrition Program launched last December 16, 2017 at the Tribal Health Center of Pastolan Village, Hermosa, Bataan.

Through the program, the children will receive one full meal and vitamins daily to correct early nutritional deficiencies that interfere with their physical, cognitive, and psychosocial development. Their parents meanwhile will also undergo classes to educate them on ways to achieve proper nutrition and hygiene at home for their children.

As of the launch, two of the children were listed as Severely Underweight while the rest were Underweight. The children’s weight will be checked monthly to monitor their progress.

Afterwards, JVOFI Field Coordinator Ofelia Adjaro explained basic procedures and gave reminders to ensure the success of the program. Three leaders were then identified from the parents/guardians who will secure order daily.

The launch concluded as the children received their meals and vitamins following a hand-washing session and a prayer led by Kagawad Pabayan.

The Supplemental Nutrition Program in Pastolan Village was part of PMFTC Project HEED 2017, a corporate social responsibility program meant to uplift living conditions in the company’s host communities with health as one focus area. The Aeta Ambala have ancestral dominion over parts of Subic Bay Freeport Zone where PMFTC’s regional warehouse is located.