EMBRACE Assists in Laguna Medical Mission

Residents from various barangays benefitted from a Medical Mission conducted in Barangay Kataypuanan, Famy, Laguna province last November 25, 2018.

EMBRACE program offered its assistance through provision of the needed medicines and was able to cater to residents from barangays: Kataypuanan, Liyang, Mayatba and Maate. Help was also greatly forwarded through the volunteer services of Barangay Kataypuanan’s barangay officials and barangay health workers.

Residents were thankful that they were chosen as one of the many beneficiaries since consultation fees are somewhat unaffordable by most and hospitals and clinics are far from them. “People who are sick are unable to avail of free medical check-ups and free medicines offered by some public hospitals since fare going to town is very expensive. We thank EMBRACE for giving us free medicines that will help all of our residents of barangay Kataypuanan and its nearby barangays too. The help extended to us by EMBRACE will never be forgotten,” mentioned Barangay Captain, Vicente Carlos Llamas VI in his opening remarks. 

To accommodate more residents, succeeding medical missions will be conducted in the barangay—also catering to those who were not able to attend the activity.

Bringing medical services to far-flung areas like barangay Kataypuanan and its nearby areas is one of EMBRACE’s goals—assisting underprivileged communities in the country.