Ninety nine nebulizers with five pieces of ventolin nebules each from PMFTC’s program, Embrace, were turned over to the 3rd District of Batangas in the presence of Atty. King Collantes and Mr. Dennis Collantes.

Barangay captains, Barangay Health Workers (BHWs) and other stakeholders were also present during the turnover.

Hon. Sonny Collantes expressed his sincerest gratitude to Embrace for the medical equipment.  “We are happy to see everyone’s presence here especially to the Embrace program who initiated this provision that will be turned over to the different barangay captains and BHWs.”

“I really admire Embrace because they always satisfy us and they immediately take action to our requests. Thank you so much Embrace” added Atty. King Collantes.

Barangay captains and the BHWs were also very happy because nebulizers are one of the needs of the barangays and they promised that they will take care of them.