Strengthening Oplan BES, Bringing Happiness to Children in General Santos City

The weather has been good in General Santos City. No sweltering heat. No signs of rain threatening to soak the venues. EMBRACE, together with the members of the Philippine National Police (PNP) in General Santos City, were greeted with school children already sitting and waiting in all the venues. Anticipation for something good were written all over their faces.

The activity targeted three schools namely: Badjao Daycare Center, Banisil Central Elementary School and Bula Central Elementary School.

The first stop of the group was the Badjao Daycare Center in Badjao Village, Barangay Bawing. Bronze colored hairs. Brown skin. Their physical appearances have been shaped by the environment they live in and their way of living. They may not be used to strangers but they were polite and accepting. Despite some few language barriers as some children are not good with speaking in Tagalog, the activity was successful with the children trying to do their best coloring the pictures in the storybook. Two hundred (200) school supplies were then distributed at the end of the program.

Immediately after the first school, the group then traveled to Banisil Central Elementary School in Barangay Tambler, the second school beneficiary. School children were already sitted in the venues in an orderly manner. Same with the first school, they were treated into storytelling by the PNP, coloring activity and the distribution of school supplies to 400 school children. The children also shouted and had a blast when it was time to present Kimmy and Gelo. A technical difficulty was met in the second venue but it did not hinder the group in going through with the activity.

In the afternoon, the group went to the last target school, Bula Central Elementary School. There were lots of intermission from the school children which showed that even with short notice, they tried to prepare for the entertainment of the guests. They showcased their talents while dancing altogether to a Korean pop song “Bboom Bboom”. Tells the group that the school children remains updated to what’s in and what’s not today.

School children in each school were all given school supplies kit and an I AM STRONG activity book to teach and guide them on the right values needed for their growth and development. Police Officer Barry Quimno from the PCR in the region shared a story on anti-bullying. Tips and guides on how to be safe were also shared for all the children on the three schools.

The children couldn’t hide their excitement when Kimmy and Gelo, EMBRACE’s official mascots, showed up and danced to the tune of the music being played. These children may not be familiar with the two mascots but they ran with glee and tried to hug or get a handshake with Kimmy and Gelo. Teachers had a hard time calling them in order. Kimmy and Gelo has to be whisked away immediately by their own bodyguards.

Before the group departed from all the schools, they also received a lot of love and happiness. Goes to show that in every OPLAN BES activity, there must be a give and take relationship so that it can be considered a successful one.

As some people struggle and try to learn to live with less. It is only natural that those who have the biggest share of bread, must break it and share it to achieve real happiness.

With OPLAN BES still kicking through, may more children be given happiness.