Consulting Services

Since 1996, JVOFI has extended consulting services through training, advisory, project management and research services to government agencies, local government units, business non-government organizations, and the academe. These services are intended to share the knowledge and expertise the Foundation has gained in social development as well as generate supplemental resources for its programs. Partners/clients since 1996 were the following:

Bilateral Programs
European Union-Department of Agriculture Caraballo and Southern Cordillera Agricultural Development Programme (CASCADE)
European Union-Department of Agriculture Central Cordillera Agricultural Programme (CECAP)
European Union-Palawan Tropical Forestry Protection Programme (PTFPP)
European Union-Department of Health Women’s Health Safe Motherhood Programme (WHSMP)

Government Agencies
Department of Agriculture
Department of Agrarian Reform
Department of Health
Technical Education and Skills Development Authority

Local Government Units
Baguio City
Bokod, Benguet
Masinloc, Zambales
San Marcelino, Zambales

Benguet Corporation
Texas Instruments (Phils.), Inc.
Lepanto Consolidated Mining Co.

Child & Family Service Phils., Inc.
Plan International
Shontoug Foundation
Philippine Business for Social Progress

Civic Groups
Rotary Club International

Brent School International
Cordillera Career Development College
University of Baguio