DOD with Sulu State College for Computer Donation Sealed

Nowadays, it is important to be equipped with updated technology in order to catch up with quality outputs. Units of desktop computers were given to Sulu State College (SUC) to help them serve its students well, especially in terms of ICT (Information and Communication Technologies) education.

On November 14, 2018, Ms. Charisma Ututalum, SUC President together with the Dean of School for ICT and Engineering, Mr. Dean Darkis, signed the Deed of Donation for the computers. 

Ms. Ututalum, was greatly honored to receive the donation which would help improve the delivery of education to their students. She added, “It’s because the place is far and dangerous that help is nearly impossible to reach us but EMBRACE made it possible. For that we are very grateful. Thank you so much.” The school was very happy to see the computers and surprised to learn that the specifications of the equipment were according to what they requested, as indicated in the Deed of Donation read before the signing. It was their first time to receive such equipment and their happiness and contentment can be seen through their smiles and unending words of gratitude.

This project was made possible in coordination with the office of the PBA Partylist, and the Joint Task Force Zamboanga (JTFZ).