Participatory Situation Analysis attended by young Indigenous Community Members

A Participatory Situation Analysis (PSA) was done last March 14-17, 2022 which was mostly attended by young Indigenous community members. One of the primary outputs of the PSA, is the generation of a community map which could have benefited from more extensive inputs from indigenous elders.

To augment the information gathered from the PM a Key Informants Interview (KII) was conducted focusing on the IP community’s elders.

The KII was led by the Provincial Officer of NCIP Bataan and a JV0F1 Field Coordinator with the assistance of NCIP Bataan staff.

The KII was held with indigenous elders in Bagac and Mariveles. The information gathered from the PM was validated with the elders and the interviewers extracted information on the percentage of the community actually practicing their indigenous customs and traditions.

The project aims to firstly assist the Ayta Magbukun ICC/IPs of Brgy. Biaan Barangay Biaan, Mariveles Bataan and Barangay Saysayin, Bagac, Bataan in developing their ADSDPP that will define and protect their customary laws and practices. Secondly, it will facilitate the validation of data through general assemblies with the IP leaders and the National Commission on Indigenous Peoples (NCIP) Region 3. Thirdly, it will facilitate the approval of the ADSDPP by the Local Government Unit and lastly, it will facilitate the Incorporation of the ADSDPP plan In existing LGU plans. The 6•month project is funded by SMCGPPFI.