PMFTC-Region I Assisted Coops Formulate Sustainability Plans

The Jaime V. Ongpin Foundation conducted a sustainability planning workshop for the Philip Morris
Philippine Manufacturing Inc. farmer beneficiaries last June 22-23, 2010 at the Santiago Cove Resort and SPA, Santiago, Ilocos Sur and on June 24-25, 2010 at the Villa D’Elita Resort, Sudipen, La Union.

Different stakeholders including the LGU, DENR, CGNI, NTA, CDA and TMI & ULPI, suppliers of PMPMI
who have been very supportive to the associations/coop on its project activities were invited for the purpose of sustaining the project after the phase-out of JVOFI. These farmers organizations have been assisted since 2008 in line with the PMFTC fuelwood reforestation project which they are envisioned to sustain on their own.

After the two-day workshop, the organizations were assessed and concerns/issues were identified from
achieving their goals. Taking into consideration all the issues/concerns of the POs, they were able to formulate a 3 year sustainability plan for the management and development of the organizations. They were also able to develop specific strategies to help ensure the long-term sustainability of their projects.
The cooperatives included in their sustainability plan to formulate policies on the vermi-composting livelihood project; review and update existing policies regarding the organization, reforestation project and financial management systems; Impose strict implementation of their policies; continue developing good partnership with the LGUs, DENR and other stakeholders; and, come up with fund generation activities for their organizations.

Mr. Andres Ventura stressed that they should put into practice what they know, he said, “We have learned so many things, and it is useless if we do not implement or put this into practice. I would like to encourage my fellow members to be more participative in our organization because if we work together, we will succeed in every endeavor that we engage in”.

The workshop was attended by 70 members and officers from the four organizations.