Amburayan River Project Stakeholders Gather for a 2-Day Consultation

The importance of bringing in together individuals from LGUs, Academe, national government agencies, and indigenous peoples organizations is as important as achieving the goal we have set for the project. Although they have different concerns and comments, they all collectively hold the success and sustainability of defending and protecting the Amburayan River – thus the 6th Stakeholders’ Meeting for the said Phil-Am project was called for.

Seventy-two individuals gathered together last December 1 and 2, 2016 at River View Water Park, Nangalisan Tuba. The two-day meeting tackled  the agreements from the previous Stakeholders’ Meeting, presentation of the accomplishments, presentation of the Amburayan Project website, deliberations on LARS (Lower Amburayan River System) and UARS (Upper Amburayan River System) WQMA (Water Quality Management Area) plans, presentation of the IEC materials and succeeding activities slated for the project.

Only four more months from now, the Protecting and Defending Amburayan River Basin and Watershed through Good Governance and Active Peoples’ Participation” will culminate on our end. We hope that after this project, the people who live along the course of the river, who depend their living on it, and who started the work for Amburayan River will continue pursuing this advocacy. After all, they, their children, and their children’s children will be reaping whatever efforts they sow into it.