Previously, a portion of the communal forest in Barangay Sagpat, Kibungan was engulfed by fire and pine trees were burned. For this reason, vigilance in fire prevention has always been one of the goals especially during Fire Prevention month.

Last March, a series of fire lines were established in different barangays in Tublay, Kapangan and Kibungan which was coordinated by the MENRO, DENROs and Punong Barangays.

In Barangay Ba-ayan, Tublay, a fireline of 600 meters long and 4 meters wide was constructed with residents & local partners. In Barangay Beleng-belis, Kapangan a 3-meter wide fireline measuring 300 meters and was  established while in Barangay Palina, Kibungan  a 1-kilometer long and 4 -meter wide fire line was installed. Most of the fire lines were anchored to the foot trail, roads and creeks. Flammable materials, such as dried twigs, barks of trees and dried leaves and cogon were removed because these allow the fire to build up in intensity or continue to spread.

With these fire lines, the community hopes that forests fire could be avoided during the dry season.

Watershed protection is one of the major activities of the “Saving and Protecting the Amburayan River,” a project supported by USAID’s Phil-Am Fund.

//with reports from “Saving and Protecting the Amburayan River” project coordinator