Business Management and Simple Bookkeeping: Clients’ Knowledge and Life Enrichment

While it’s the Foundation’s commitment to alleviate poverty and improve the quality of life of women through the Microfinance Program, it is also its goal to help them establish and sustain their livelihood activities for future generations by scaling up their knowledge in microenterprise.

A business development and simple bookkeeping training was conducted by the Foundation among chosen Microfinance clients. They were divided into 3 batches and was held on Nov. 17 to 18, Nov. 25 to 26 and, Dec. 4 to 5 at the Ating Tahanan and El Cielito Inn, Baguio City.

The training aimed to enable the participants to apply technical skills in developing and improving their products; identify how to maximize their resources meet buyers’ requirements, create jobs and linkages with other clients; understand other strategies in marketing their products; know the process of business licensing; and, learn how to bookkeep their sales transaction and maintain proper records.

“I learned so much more than what I expected at the beginning. The venue was very conducive for learning and the topics taught us so many things on business management, strategies, practical methods to use and bookkeeping. I was very thankful that I was chosen for this and that I am a member of the JVOFI Microfinance Program. Truly, JVOFI helps us in so many ways, not just in loans but also in life and knowledge enrichment,” said one of the clients.

This strategy identified by the Social Performance Management component of JVOFI’s Microfinance Program hopes to develop the clients’ knowledge and skills in business through trainings, seminars and workshops. It is realized that clients need more technical assistance and guidance on how they can compete, improve their skills in establishing linkages especially in coordinating with private and government entities.

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