JVOFI R&R 2017

After being postponed twice due to some circumstances, it is but appropriate to say that June 19, 2017 was a “this is it” for our staff. R&R is one of the days our staff look forward to as we go on a-day hiatus from our daily tasks, get to be together with co-staffs without the cares of the office and just enjoy the sea, the sand and the sun.

Our R&R started with an opening message from, no other than, our Executive Director Marichu Lopez. After her short speech, we then headed to the shore for a series of games. The staff were divided into four groups namely checkered, polkadots, stripes and floral.

After the games, a representative from each of the unit gave insights and did some processing from the games. The R&R committee intentionally incorporated JVOFI values on each of the games as a subtle reminder to staff to continue on living by our values.

The second half of the day were solely meant for rest and fellowship between the staff.

At about 5PM we headed home to Baguio City, refreshed and ready for the next working day.