PLANTING THE RIGHT KNOWLEDGE – Training for Sustainability

Return demonstration of T-grafting in La Trinidad, Benguet

Knowledge comes in with understanding, realization and awareness. These three combined with proper training and experience leads to excellence.

Last October 26-28, 2016, two simultaneous trainings on Nursery Management and Seedlings Propagation were conducted by the Jaime V. Ongpin Foundation, Inc. These took place in La Trinidad, Benguet for the Upper Amburayan River team and in Bacnotan, La Union for the Lower Amburayan River team. People’s Organizations, deputized ENRO applicants, selected barangays and JVOFI staff who have actively participated were given lectures on seeds sorting and grading, the various methods of plant propagation as well as nursery establishment and management. There was a focus on coffee farming technologies for the Benguet participants while cacao and other fruit trees were the focus for the Region I participants. Both trainings provided the participants the opportunity to experience and do a hands-on on the different methods of asexual propagation. Many have imparted and showed their appreciation of the training’s importance and usefulness. This, in turn answers to the training’s purpose to provide knowledge and to enhance the skills of the participants on the said topics at the same time help in the promotion of the Amburayan River project’s sustainability.

As one of the training’s goal, community involvement is essential because it is one of the major contributors in community development, specifically reforestation activities. It encourages communities to establish their own nurseries to sustain seedling production for planting stock for Return demonstration of T-grafting in La Trinidad, Benguet future community tree planting activities. Further, the different techniques learned like grafting, if practiced and mastered, may be used as a livelihood.

Ensuring a high quality outcome undergoes a step by step process that does not end just yet. It requires proper care and maintenance just as how seedlings are planted and cared for. Proper knowledge with continuous practice paves its way to excellence.

Protecting and Defending the Amburayan River Basin and Watershed through Good Governance and Active Peoples’ Participation is a project funded by the USAID through the Gerry Roxas Foundation (GRF) and is implemented by the Jaime V. Ongpin Foundation Inc. (JVOFI).

// Amburayan Project GIS and Visibility Officer