La Top Completes VMG workshop

A Leading Cooperative engaged in competitive and sustainable global business embodying the principles of green, safe and fair practices managed in the spirit of cooperativism by God fearing and loving people.” This is LaTop’s Vision.

A vision, mission and goal (VMG) setting and strategic planning was conducted by the Jaime V. Ongpin Foundation Inc. for the LaTop Multipurpose Cooperative’s new set of Board of Directors, management staff and the different committee members last June 4, 2010 at the ATI Center, Benguet State University.

The workshop aimed to update La Top’s VMG that will serve as a roadmap for the cooperative’s development and success. The VMG clarified specific results that are to be achieved and established a course of action for achieving them. Consequently the officers of the cooperatives assessed their individual value system and level of commitment to the organization.

In addition, the participants were able to identify specific tasks, roles and functions of their board of directors and their management staff. Part of the coop’s vision is to strengthen their production and marketing plans in line with the cooperative’s VMG.

Short lectures, group discussions and guided workshops were conducted to facilitate communication and sharing of opinions among the participants and ensured a more effective learning atmosphere.

With LaTop able to finally define its VMG and plans for the next 5 years. The next step is of course is to ensure execution.