Project CHATON Starts in Tadian, Mt. Province

Tadian, Mountain Province – The CHATON project or Capacity building and Harnessing Animal gifts to Transform lives and Nurture the Environment funded by Heifer International Philippines and implemented by the Jaime V. Ongpin Foundation Inc. conducted a community orientation about the project and its objectives last June 29, 2009 at Kayan Elementary School.

Project CHATON aims to improve the economic conditions of poor people in barangay Kayan West, Tadian, Mountain Province. It also envisions to instill good values and promote harmony among community residents. Through the Passing of Gifts practice, participating families become donors themselves by passing on the offspring of their original livestock and other supplies to another family.

This process extends the benefits of the project to other families in the barangay and other neighboring barangays. This ceremony embodies the spirit of sharing and caring. The community orientation included the participation of barangay local government unit leaders, community residents especially the identified residents and MLGU who will be the main beneficiaries and actors of the project.

The project aims to support 100 original families in a sitio to be identified by community people with the Barangay Local Government Unit and Council of Elders as lead persons in Kayan West who shall pass-on the same number and quality of gifts to 100 1st pass on families to other community. The 100 POG families will in turn pass-on the same gifts to another 100 families in another community. This will be the chain until all the families in Kayan West will have received the gifts.

The 100 original families will be organized into four self-help groups (SHGs). One hundred families will each receive one ready to breed pig and two chickens. These livestock will be given along with three fruit tree seedlings, assorted vegetables and forage seeds. Four units of Biogas digesters will also be provided to groups. The biogas digesters will also be passed on to the next pass on families.

To enhance family values, improve skills and build solidarity and peace among families and communities, Cornerstones training and other educational activities will be conducted. Other training programs will  include improved animal management, sustainable agriculture, improved environmental practices, family savings, and income-generating activities.

Passing on the Gifts will be conducted throughout the project life. The project will develop partnership with the local government units and involve them for technical assistance on animal health services and other support which they can provide to the project.